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AllyMax - Cloth Pads
AllyMax - Cloth Pads
AllyMax - Cloth Pads

AllyMax - Cloth Pads

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Our 100% cotton cloth pads are soft, absorbent, breathable, chemical-free products that balance abnormal cycles while reducing cramps. These pads are eco-friendly, reusable, and machine washable.  They are triple-layered for your maximum security.

*Monthly Order Consists of 7 Pads total; 2 Pantyliners, 3 Regulars, 2 Overnights.

*Postpartum Order Consists of 7 Postpartum Pads.


First, determine what size pad is best for the current flow of cycle. 

  • Pantyliners: Used for extra daily protection to light menstrual flow. 
  • Regular-Sized:  Used for a more moderate to medium menstrual flow.
  • Overnight Sized: Used for a heavier flow and nighttime protection. 
  • Postpartum: Typically, used after childbirth.

        Place the cloth pad at the seat of the underwear.  Fold-down the “wings” or “flaps” to overlap under the seat of the underwear and snap together. 

        After use, rinse thoroughly in cold water.  Sprinkle Cleansing Powder solution onto the cloth pad.  Allow the pad to sit in cold water for 20 minutes.  Remove from the solution.  Squeeze out excess water.  Hang to dry or wash in the machine.  

        ***Washing Machine and Dryer Friendly.  

        Store in Clean and Dry area, ready for next use.