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Our Story


AllyMax is a wellness brand that produces products that are derived from organic ingredients. Our brand helps people all over the world to live a happier and healthier life without sacrificing quality. Each product is handmade by our small team and founder, Mrs. Ally herself! If you want healthier products from a company you can trust, AllyMax is here for you. Serving the needs of others has always been a passion in our founder's heart. 

Ally was just a small town young single mother who had a desire to provide her ultimate best to her daughter. Her journey began in a one bedroom apartment. She got tired of not being able to find quality products that meet her standards, so she decided to make her own.
She started with what she coined as “Start with what flows naturally.” She made her own cloth pads. Being encouraged by friends and family that her products meet their standards as well she put her craft to market. Driven by the passion of creating healthier products that would benefit her and her daughter. Ally began to educate herself on the ends and outs of what's natural.
Years passed and word got out about Ally's products.  So she founded AllyMax.  Her customer base quickly grew. Since it's inception AllyMax has created multiple products ranging from feminine hygiene to haircare.  All made with the same quality and care as the very first product.